Founded in 1987, Audioluz enters the events market as an equipment renting company specialised in sound and light.
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Advantages of a high quality sound system

Advantages of a high quality sound system The use of a fine good sound system is crucial to assure a high quality performance in any event. Not only the brands, models and versions used but it is also required a team of professionals who know how to install and operate the whole system. Here at Audioluz, we ensure a clean audio for your event, with no feedback or noises. Every event venue requires different sound instalments, depending on size, the acoustic of the place and many other factors for which it is of high importance to have a team with experience and knowledge to advice on what to do and use.

Brands we work with

There are plenty of brands we trust and have worked with. Over the years and in the sound department we are proud to say we work with brands like Martin Audio, Adam….

Diversity in the sound department

We offer a range of different sound solutions, going from simple and minimalistic speakers for corporate events to powerful public address systems capable of producing large events.


The Ideal Solution

Make your show memorable by introducing an extraordinary light show! With us you will be able to sincronize light effects with different rhythms by manipulating colours, intensity levels and more.

Client Approval

In order to ensure our clients satisfaction, before proceeding into preparing the physical event and with appropriate time planing, we offer a 3D digital project with a live simulation of the event

Brands we work with​

Over the last 35 years we have had the opportunity to work with several brands and firmly choose those that have given us the most confidence and best performance. Today we are proud to work with soundboards like grandMA, Robe, Clay Paky and many others.


What is video

Our video services will give access to both our equipment and team, from Ledwalls and 4K cameras to high experienced professionals.

Ledwall benefits

– Improve your business presentations.

– Dynamic and personalized backgrounds.

– Better interaction with your audience.

– Indoor & Outdoor

Why video

Nowadays most events use video and the benefits are many.

Livestream & filming benefits

– Increase the audience of your event for little money.
– Make your event last forever.
– Capture everything.

Digital & Hybrid Events

The recent pandemic has changed the way we do events, and this change is here to stay. From reduced physical audience to an increase in virtual events, the change is challenging.
We have at your disposal one studio fully equipped and ready to host an hybrid event, where our team will guide you step by step in order to assure everything goes smoothly. If the client wants a different venue, we can bring our studio to you!
With this solution you can share your event with the world just with a click!


What is it all about?

Our production services refer to what we do inside our studios:
– Music studio
– Video studio
– Rehearsal studio
In each of these studios the client will have full support of our team.

Recording in our studios

Here you will have the best of both worlds. Not only we have all the equipment needed for artists and bands, but also a fully sound proofed room where sound quality will be assured. In addition to it, we offer the help with all the details needed.

Possibilities of use

– Hybrid events.
– Singles & albums recordings.
– Essay.
– Photo sessions.


The start point

Before proceeding into the actual event production, there are many questions to be considered.
– Venue
– Event design
– What platforms to use
– How to promote the event

Due to the importance of these procedures for the performance of the technical production, we have a specialized team that will help you through each of the steps mentioned above and more.


The client will have at his disposal our events manager, who will take you to different events venues according to your needs, will present you different solutions to the event, from the design to the technical production, all along with a plan to promote and take the event through!
The success of your event is in good hands with Audioluz.


The ideal structure

Every event needs a solid and aesthetic structure.

Be powerful

The structure you choose for your event will lead to the first impression your audience gets, therefore, it is important that it is a good one. From illuminated tents to stages or even the personalization of an open space, we will help you creating the most aesthetic structure.

Be creative

You don’t always need to “go big” to have impact. Even small events can, through creativity, have impact and be memorable.

Use our equipment to give life to your structure

For simple solutions, adding lights and a ledwall along with some decorative objects is an easy and simple way of improving your event.

Do you have any doubts?

We are here to clarify!

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