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Founded in 1987, Audioluz enters the events market as an equipment renting company
specialised in sound and light.

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Founded in 1987, Audioluz enters the events market as an equipment renting company
specialised in sound and light. Over time, with our focus towards innovation and development, we
have expanded our area of business from a rental structure to the whole production of an event.

The success of an event goes beyond the equipment being used. It is a complex service
which requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Driven by passion, our team works daily in
order to constantly deliver the best solutions for all sorts of events. We also have available for all
our clients, the usage of over 1000m2 of equipment, one digital studio, one recording studio and
countless partnerships which further expand our services along the same quality standards.

Our main focus is pleasing our clients. We, as a company, are grateful for the trust put in
us for every event we produce, and this trust is not something we take for granted. We believe
that the best investment we can make in order to help our clients is an investment in us, in
Audioluz. It was with this way of thinking that over the last 30 years we have produced all the
events we have produced and created the professional bonds we have created, and being proud
of all of our journey, this is how we plan to keep going forward, generating success to our clients
through our own success and vice-versa.

Our Values


The secret for any event is in the details.


Every event is carefully planned with no room for error.


Behind all of our services there is an organised and disciplined team.
Unforgettable moments
Unique team
35 years of creating events for you

More than a service


To deliver the most complex solutions for any event.


• Constantly enhance and innovate our services

• Acquire the newest and more advanced technologies

• Create memorable experiences

• Bring success to our clients

What make us stand out?

The key to our success is in our love for events. Driven by passion, we blissfully dedicate our days
researching, learning and improving our skillset with the sole purpose of delivering the best
service we can and helping our clients.

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