Everyone is welcome

With over 1350 m2 full of equipment, one carpentry,
two work stations and several offices,we are able to assure a trustable service without any flaws.


Digital Studio

Music Studio

About Prepalco

“We had a dream, a mission! To build a multitask studio where you can not only record audio and
video but also have band rehearsals in a stage format. “
In the spring of 2019 we started this
project which now has 2 rooms, one for music and another one for vídeo, sound proofed and
available for your usage 24/7.”
Possibilidades de utilização
No nosso estúdio parceiro, o cliente poderá realizar ensaios para bandas e todos os tipos de grupos musicais, gravação de albuns/musicas individuais ou mesmo concertos em direto
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Common Areas

Our facilities

In our warehouse we have available one meeting room where you will be able to discuss with our
team your event. For other purposes we also have one waiting room, one co-working office where
you can plan and be part of the design of your event and one kitchen.
In these same facilities we have weekly team meetings where, together, we plan our events and all
of our work dynamic.
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Our Clients